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Blood Lust: How to Fall in Love at Flagstaff’s Annual Zombie Prom

Written by: Rachel Stevens Ah, Halloween. A time for ghouls, goblins, scantily clad girls and boys, and, for some lucky devils, love. I’m talking about Flagstaff’s Zombie Prom, the annual occasion to dust off ugly outfits, don some fake blood and dollar store makeup, and fall head over high heels. This year’s event will take place October 25th at The Green Room, and I’m already obnoxiously excited. For those of you asking if finding undead love is possible, fear not. Thanks to last...

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Drinking for Free at Flagstaff PD: An Experiential

Prologue “How would you like to assist Flagstaff PD in composing their Field Sobriety Tests?” This single question was the beginning of a strange, awesome experience a couple weeks ago. For four hours, myself and about 20 other individuals spent the evening drinking for free at the Flagstaff Police Department, while surrounded by police officers itching to administer field sobriety tests. This is the tale of that experience. Chapter 1: This section is brought to you by paranoia When...

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Drinking With Children: Eff You, Connect Four

Written by: Kama Shockey If this is not a movie title yet, it should be. Imagine the review. Drinking With Children, a drama that follows one mom on her quest to enjoy a glass of wine while her daughter searches for the bar that will give her the most cherries in her sprite. Starring someone way more awesome than the real mom on this real quest right now. Rated R for language and scenes of a child. In a bar. Belly-up. In fact, this real mom is me, that child is my daughter, Isabel, and while I...

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5 Reasons Why Flagstaff Cornucopia Ruled

Held on Sunday, September 28, 2014, at Thorpe Park, Flagstaff Cornucopia is one of the newest local festivals trying to make its mark. Keep Flag Happy was lucky enough to have a booth at this year’s event, and had a first row seat as to why this festival has a good chance of becoming another Flagstaff festival staple. Here are the top 5 reasons why Flagstaff Cornucopia ruled: 1. It’s a true fall festival Everything about Cornucopia screamed the end of summer. Between the pumpkin patch,...

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Top 5 Comfort Food Places in Flag

Some people get upset or stressed, and they channel that energy into a positive outlet, like working out or spending time with friends. I hate those people. Good for you and your yoga. While you’re doing a Downward Dog, I’m stuffing my face with four cheeseburgers. They call it “Comfort Food” because the grease eases your pain as it fills your stomach and runs down your sad, stupid face. Fortunately, Flagstaff has plenty of outlets for me and my kind. Let’s go on...

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