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Main Stage Theater: An Unexpected Hub for Art and Music in Northern Arizona

Flagstaff is great, but sometimes you need a break from the patio parties, travelers playing geetar for spare change, and those torrential Monsoon downpours that flood half the town. Most of us venture to Sedona for a fun, close trip away, but if you aren’t feeling super Namaste, Cottonwood, Arizona has an up-and-coming scene that you should definitely check out. There was a time in the not-so-distant past when Cottonwood was so desolate that if Tina Turner popped up from behind a tumbleweed...

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Flagstaff’s Made in the Shade Festival Worth its Weight in Beer

I’m going to start with a major disclaimer. Before attending this year’s Made in the Shade event, I had never been to a true beer tasting before. I’m not at the absurd “Shaun” levels of inexperience, but the word “tasting,” to me, signified some sort of dignity and poised class, where my friends and I would delicately sip away at lagers, ales, and ciders, commenting on their attributes. You can imagine my surprise, then, when I found that Made in the Shade was less of that and...

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Breaking Up is Hard to Do: The Top 10 Bars I’ll Miss When I Leave Flagstaff

There comes a time in every person’s life when she must admit that she came to Flagstaff for the college and she stayed for the bar scene. Alas, the time for me has come to move on and discover what the rest of the world has to offer in life, love and liquor — specifically Phoenix. OK, OK so it’s not like a grand European backpacking expedition but it still requires me to make cut throat decisions about which of my candles are too melty to justify packing, so I’m still counting it as a...

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Memoirs of a Life Virgin: Flagstaff Hullabaloo Recap 2014

As I write this, on the Sunday evening immediately following Hullabaloo, I’m calmly taking stock of what an utter train wreck my body is. My back aches, and my throat is arid but also on fire. My vision is blurry from bloodshot, dry, and I think possibly sunburned eyes. Also, my vitals might be shutting down from dehydration and a diet sustained only of beer, pizza, nachos, and some week-old trail mix I found in my backpack. The only “greens” I ate were handfuls of Sour Apple Jolly...

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Voted Best Annual Event, Hullabaloo Festival Celebrates Local Flagstaff Culture

It’s 2008. New Belgium Brewing Company announces they will be pulling Flagstaff off the tour lineup of the cherished Tour de Fat festival. I am a devastated college student and write an Op-Ed piece for The Lumberjack: “Why keep upping the amount of kegs each year if you were concerned about our commitment to biking? I agree that 187 kegs in six hours is excessive. But if you set a bowl of candy in front of a child and he eats it all, is the child to blame?” I was pretty...

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